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Land Development - Civil Engineer

Reports to: Director of Land Development

This position would be responsible for managing all aspects of development projects associated with land planning specific to home product layouts, preliminary short plat and subdivision designs, engineering administration with the various consultants, development of onsite drainage designs both for the overall project and onsite lot criteria, as well as the other associated utility designs as required by the various municipalities. This position would be responsible for working with the Director and the Land Development group as directed in the preparation and approvals of these tasks.

It is the intent that the Civil Engineer would have the initial and primary responsibility for creating land plans, conceptual engineering and product layout, working closely with the Director, the Partners, and other members of the land department.

The position would work with staff members during the feasibility of projects while in the process of acquisition. This would include land use, preliminary designs, product layouts, and utility research to serve the property.

Residential Architectural Designer & Manager

Reports to: Partner / Product Development

We are seeking a full-time Residential Architectural Designer with a minimum of 7 years’ experience in residential design. This position requires a strong creative talent.

The position of Residential Architectural Designer/Manager resides in the Planning and Design Department with respect to residential architecture. This position is responsible for the timely and accurate execution and management of new and creative architectural drawings. The Architectural Designer is responsible for creating new product, coming up with fresh designs and innovative ideas in residential homebuilding. The ability to interface and manage with the CAD department staff, engineering, permits, production, and management on all levels is essential.

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